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Security Alarms Manchester

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Think about heaters, lighting, nude ames, electric gear, hot procedures like welding or grinding, cigarettes, matches and anything else which gets quite hot or causes discharges.

What could possibly burn?

It’s additionally vital that you take into account wood, plastic, foams, paper and wood. Assess outside also.

Individuals at risk

Everyone is at risk if there’s a fire. You should consider whether the danger is greater for some individuals because of when or where they work, for example nighttime staff or since they aren’t knowledgeable about the assumptions, including customers or visitors. Disabled people, the elderly and kids are particularly vulnerable.

Value and act

Consider what you’ve found – what are the dangers of a fire beginning? What exactly are the hazards to men and women in the building and nearby?

Remove and reduce danger – how can random fires be prevented?

Shield – action should be taken to safeguard your assumptions and individuals from fire.

Record, strategy and train

Record – in case your premises are modest, a record is recommended.


There should be clear strategy in place of the best way to stop fire and the way you are going to keep folks safe in case of a fire. Should you share a building with others, a strategy should be organized with them.

Train – you need to ensure that staff understand what to do in case of a fire, and when needed, ensure they’re trained within their jobs.


Routinely review your fire risk assessments as through time the threats may change.

Should you identify any major changes in danger or make major developments to the strategy, others who share the premises should be advised of the changes and retrain staff where appropriate.

Security alarms Manchester

Burglar alarms Manchester

We’re devoted to keeping your property secure and safe from burglars. Our bespoke service contains an exact and competitive citation upon seeing your property, and we’ll design and install burglar alarms which are totally suited to you personally.

Access Control

i-tech Security provides access control systems which help ensure your property and confirm the security of your contents, staff and customers. Offering reactive and dependable setups, our seasoned and specialist engineers can help and assist you with all your security requirements.

We provide these kinds of door entrance systems:

  • Stand alone single door system
  • Door entrance and intercom
  • Alarm Installations

We will work around your public toilet when coming to inspect your property, creating ideas with relation to the design and setup of the most suitable security systems for your property.

Door Managers

i-tech Security is an SIA Approved Contractor who supplies approachable door staff ensuring each customer entering a site does so with a warm greeting, and those turned away are managed respectfully. Whilst our primary aim will be to supply security we also take pride in our door staffs skill to be courteous and helpful to customers. i-tech Security’s policy will be to represent the institution in a proficient manner which then will help keep our customer’s customer satisfaction. Our staff will guarantee a safe and friendly setting ensuring the entry code set by our individual customer is applied.

Pedestrian gates

Pedestrian gates may be both elaborate, practical and fashionable. They are able to make the entry of a property seem more attractive and could be got to fit any existing gates you have.

They are also able to be joined digital keypads with commerce accessibility if required. We can add conventional padlock or key facilities in the event that you happen to be in demand.

We may also accommodate pedestrian gates to be controlled remotely from interior of a property using sound or video monitoring systems.