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From planning and designing your system, to setup as well as care, we can help with every facet of your security and safety needs. Whether you need a new completely integrated security and safety system or upgrades and care for an existent system, our specialist team, can aid you in creating your individual option.

Our Products

We’re not tied to any single producer, so we are able to select the best merchandise for your premises. We ensure these are consistently of the finest quality, and we’re constantly reviewing new goods in the marketplace including high definition megapixel CCTV and biometric access control, to supply the most recent technological developments and greatest protection to our customers.

Your Setup

Not only might we make sure your security and safety arrangements are compliant with present legal duties, but in addition the demands for the mandatory degree of company insurance that you simply require.

i-tech Security will not just give you the reassurance your storage facility is shielded, but in addition the most advanced security options with the absolute best in service and following sales care and upkeep.

Security companies Manchester

i-tech Security supply an extensive array of network services and products, which empower us to offer customers sustainable business options.

Our service offerings comprise Network Consultancy, Network Design, Network Setup as well as Care.

Info erasure

i-tech Security provides information erasure program, hardware and confirmation services to make sure that your end-of-life information is erased securely and cost-efficiently.

Unlike degaussing and physical destruction, which leave the storage media unusable, info erasure removes all advice while leaving the disc operable, maintaining IT assets as well as the surroundings.

Maintaining assets

Info erasure provides an option to physical destruction and degaussing for safe removal of all of the disc data. Physical destruction and degaussing ruin the digital media, demanding disposal and leading to electronic waste while negatively affecting the carbon footprint of people and businesses.

Manchester CCTV

Hard drives are almost 100% recyclable and may be gathered at no charge from various hard drive recyclers as soon as they’ve been sanitized.

Why is information erasure is essential?

When sensitive information falls into the incorrect hands, it can cause decline of company, property, standing, and even cause civil and criminal responsibility. Removing all traces of info saved on targeted media may be crucial for data security.

Electronic Access Control

The token can take the form of a key, a card, a fob or may even be your personal biometric information.

This really is where electronic access control systems have an tremendous edge over mechanical systems where each token, fob or biometric signature is exceptional and may be programmed or followed through the system.

It’s likewise feasible to make use of the system to produce reports for presence or even to find someone within a big building predicated on where they last used their token. For highly sensitive regions (including hospital drug stores or police / military armament stores) we can configure the system to stop access unless two authorised individuals are found.

There are several other chances you may gain from with our access control apparatus including shift work, one off visitor keepsakes, vacations and even cashless vending systems.

All the essential gear needed to manage your access control system including camera, printer and encoder may be given to you so you can administer the system completely yourself. We can offer training to you personally in the utilization of all hardware and software. Obviously, we’ll continue to be accessible for care, repairs and review. It’s quite standard that customers take charge of the functioning and direction of their systems. In resort systems it’s essential the bedroom token is altered after each customer and this, to be practical, must be done in a fast efficient means by the secretary.

The control and direction of systems is becoming considerably simpler with nicely developed software that could use over networks crossing (if needed) the ball.

Your access control system could be incorporated into other building management systems, which means that you can automatically correct heat amounts in empty rooms or buildings, throw lights on or away, and arm security systems. The system can track an individual worker to offer a safe working environment or control access to car parks by reading your automobile’s enrollment.

For i-tech Security it’s a issue of listening to the necessities and difficulties faced by our clients and developing an affordable alternative.