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Entrance Security Manchester

Casts and man-made limbs generally comprise metal parts that cause archway metal detectors to alarm. Present security equipment isn’t made to fulfill the needs of such travellers; so working out these alarms has been hard or impossible without time consuming physical review and undue hardship on individuals with special needs. These measures imposed undue stress, distress and delays.

We provide some of the first systems made to screen individuals with casts and prosthetic limbs for hidden weapons and contraband. Our solution allows rapid review of artificial limbs, casts and bandages “in-place” ensuring passengers’ comfort and benefit. CastScope uses sophisticated backscatter X-ray technology to quickly produce a comprehensive image of the interior of a cast, making the screening process faster and much more effective than current approaches. We can discover metal, non metal, and liquid threats (or contraband) hidden in casts, prosthetic limbs and bandages.

Entrance security Manchester

Our product is streamlined and occupies no more space than a seat. The system is fully cellular, powered from a typical wall outlet, and can be installed in about 1 hour. It is easy to use, has a touch-screen user interface and demands only a couple of minutes of teaching for fundamental operation. The dose is substantially lower for prosthetic limb review.

The system has been cleared for sale by the FDA and NCRP, complies with all the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) N43.17, and is certified to UL 61010-1 safety standards. At a time when air travel security is frequently perceived as becoming more difficult and cumbersome for the traveling public, CastScope addresses a security loophole while enhancing the security checkpoint experience for individuals with disabilities.