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CCTV Wiring Manchester

The best way to use CAT5 wiring for CCTV

All the connections can be made using just a screwdriver, no requirement for special tools or fiddly components. Before you begin there are a couple of important things to know.

What components do I want?

Video is transmitted along the CAT5e cable using a set of video baluns, one at the DVR end, one at the camera end. Electricity is transmitted using using screw in DC plugs and sockets. The plug goes at camera end the outlet at the DVR end.

Utilize the right form of CAT5e cable

You need to use pure copper CAT5 cable. Some CAT5 cable isn’t pure copper but CCA or copper coated aluminum. Don’t rely on the label or what the retailer says, really check the cable yourself. CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6 and CAT6e can all be CCA rather than pure copper. CCA tends to break easily when bent and you’ll be able to scrape the copper off to show silver coloured metal in the centre. All the cable we sell is pure copper external grade.

CCTV Wiring Manchester

Don’t exceed the maximum cable run

The maximum space video signal can be transferred with our video baluns is approximately 300 metres. If you’re utilizing the cable to power a camera as well as transfer video sign then we would suggest a maximum space of 50 – 60 metres assuming you’re using 3 pairs of wire for 12 volt supply and one pair for video signal transfer as per our pictures below.

Utilize a colour custom and check carefully

It truly is essential to check your wiring carefully. Choose a colour convention and stick to it. In the examples below we’ve used blue for video signal and solid colour for ve, white plus coloured stripe for -ve.

You have to run 1 span of CAT5e cable from the DVR recorder to each camera. The cable will do 2 occupations. One pair of cables will manage the video signal, the other 3 pairs of cables will undoubtedly be combined to take 12 volt electricity from the transformer located next to the DVR to the camera.