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We offer a custom special program to every customer to make sure the right automatic door system is provided.

All our installers are CSCS documented conforming to all UK and European standards.

Swing doors

There are 3 fundamental forms of swing door operators:

  • Total Energy – opens and shuts the doorway at full speed.
  • Low Energy – opens and shuts the doorway at reduced rate to restrict the kinetic energy of the moving door to amounts deemed safe for handicapped users. This variant of door operator, will not need any detectors as disabled users are not considerate dangerous.
  • Electricity Support – It is a variant of the low-energy operator. It shuts the door with the same rate limits as a low-energy operator.

Automatic Sliding Doors

It opens the door mechanically, waits, then shuts it.

Sliding door operators are usually used in the outside doors of big retail businesses. This type of door operators are additionally used in lifts.


A door operator could be activated in a variety of manners but requests the door be opened (or reopened if it was shutting). The operator will heed hat requests just after it can do thus safely for any other users in the region.

Approach detector (like a radar detector) – the door opens when a user approaches it.

Shove-&-go – the door opens completely when the user starts opening it.

Traffic control

Controlling vehicle access to a website can readily be done by among the following procedures.

The controlling apparatus may be used by means of an intercom or among the various reader technologies including key fob, proximity card, keypad or even mechanically by number plate recognition.

CCTV systems Manchester

Traffic Impediments are an powerful and suitable way of controlling vehicle access to any website. Many websites pick obstacles to command accessibility because they’re fast in operation (up to 1.5 seconds to open 90 degrees) as well as having an obvious existence and are low in price compared to other systems.

They are also able to stop pedestrians going into the outside of a website without previous authorisation. They’re typically slower in operation to obstacles but this isn’t an issue if traffic flow rates are low. We can provide a huge array of automation products, for both sliding and swinging gates.

Rise and Tumble Bollards are ideal in many scenarios to limit vehicle access and motions. They’re an incredibly unobtrusive system with minimal effect on their surroundings. Whilst having the ability to totally procure an entry from vehicle accessibility, the bollards however enable pedestrians and cyclists to easily manoeuvre through the entry.

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Closeness Access Control

Closeness access control provides a high degree of security as each fob/card is exceptional and is allocated to a designated holder. Fobs/cards are very hard to duplicate and must be added to a system by an authorised individual. Some systems can offer advice and historical records on when fobs/cards are taken advantage of. This allows for the trailing of door procedures/users, which is particularly useful if there’s a suspected security problem. This kind of access control system could be seamlessly incorporated into intercom systems, if needed.

Dependability of keepsakes is exceptional asĀ  they’re generally ‘passive’, don’t include batteries and just energise when presented to a reader. ‘Active’ tokens are available to supply ‘hands free’ functioning (this can be of particular importance to disable users).

Networked Access Control

Some of the access control system we provide can be incorporated into a networked system.

These systems allow for complete flexibility and simple management of a system which has one or more of the following:

  • Multiple users with individual access grades
  • Control of doors on distant site
  • Central charge of the system
  • ‘Real time’ coverage of door operations/user movements
  • Roll Call and Gathering facilities